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Computer & Information Technologies

Social Media and the Internet

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social media platforms constantly face challenges in patent, trademark, copyright, and domain name issues in China. Beijing East IP understands where the challenges lie because we anticipated China’s social media, internet, and e-commerce industry booming since its early days when we began to work with a wide range of clients in the social media, internet, and e-commerce industry, from Western pioneers who entered China in the early days to the latest Chinese e-commerce giants.

Our attorneys provide customized legal services based on each client’s circumstances and challenges they faced in prosecution, invalidation, enforcement, and litigation. We also provide customized services in monitoring, providing second opinion, and strategies counseling to help clients actively fight off each challenges. In addition, our attorneys provide counseling for client’s intellectual property portfolios management, advising brand and technology protection strategies prior to new product launch, domain name purchase, and other relevant services. Our attorneys understand the importance of licensing, contracting out, outsourcing, and strategic partnership involved in e-commerce, and the ever-evolving Chinese intellectual property laws and regulations. With understanding of the industry and the legal system, we are able to procure, protect, and position our client’s intellectual property at the right place, the right time.

Our Internet & E-Commerce clients operate in a variety of sub-sectors:

  • Advertising
  • Business Rating and Reviews
  • Online Auction
  • Search

Representative Clients

  • A leading American multinational corporation and e-commerce company
  • A leading American corporation and online social networking service provider
  • A leading American on online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service provider
  • A leading American business-oriented social networking service provider
  • A leading American company operating a worldwide online payments system
  • A leading American video messaging service provider
  • A leading American transnational computer software company
  • A leading American crowd-source review service provider

Interactive Entertainment

Thanks to the far reaching internet and the world’s largest population. China has grown into the largest gaming market in the world. Beijing East IP’s attorneys have represented clients in massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, mobile, and web-based games markets, the top three gaming market in China.

Out of the three top gaming market, MMO games dominate. Our attorneys work closely with MMO game developers to understand the technology involved in every new game. By doing this, we can better help our clients by providing a full coverage of intellectual property protections, including patent, trademark, and copyright procurement, defense, and enforcement.

We work with many mobile gaming clients to provide counseling services by providing strategic advices, understand the client’s rapid developments of new plots, characters, audios, designs, and art elements. We envisioned China becoming the world’s largest mobile gaming market from our attorneys’ understanding of every effort behind every successful interactive entertainment products. Not only do they pay attention to procuring and protecting patents, they also help our clients to enforce their patent rights in China’s unique app markets and e-commerce stores. These platforms require extra attention for enforcement. Our attorneys understand this unique circumstances and is able to provide regular monitoring, timely analysis and detail reports to help clients decide when to take the necessary actions.

China’s ever growing interactive entertainment market demands distinctive creativity, high quality, and large investment. Our attorneys’ diversified experiences can provide precise unique experiences are always available when our clients need advices on intellectual property protections in China.

Representative Clients

  • A leading online game developer and operator in China
  • A leading American video games developer
  • A leading mobile game developer based in Finland