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Mechanical & Industrial Manufacturing

Looking back, mechanical engineering and industrial manufacturing once changed the world that we lived in when it connected various parts into a machine. Looking at it now, these technologies phased to increased use in automation and other advanced technologies that makes machine smarter and easier to use. It is changing the world in a different level and perspective, because these technologies provide the foundation for many aspects of the world’s economy across multiple innovative platforms. These platforms include heavy machinery, automobile, automation, medical devices, and many more that connect every pieces of the world together. Every platform’s continuous renovation and invention creates better industrial manufacturing and mechanical engineering technologies. These technologies require a multidiscipline intellectual property team to provide counseling and insight to protect the advanced technologies. Beijing East IP attorneys are trained in various technical backgrounds to satisfy our client’s needs. Our attorneys understand the technology behind each great companies because of their extended experiences in the industries. With our attorney’s understanding of the business sector’s demand, we are able to provide insightful advices to our clients for their myriad of diverse intellectual property issues.

Beijing East IP have worked on many high level cases and wide spectrum of projects for our clients. Our services include:

  • Patent prosecution across all technical areas before the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)
  • Challenging and defending the validity of client’s patents in administrative proceedings before SIPO and the Patent Reexamination Board (PRB)
  • Asserting patent rights in litigation before the People’s Courts
  • Defending clients from infringement before the People’s Courts
  • Patent information consulting services include patentability search, patent validity search, freedom-to-operate (FTO) search, evidence-of-use search, due diligence, and identify, monitor existing and potential competitors activities
  • Trademark clearance search
  • Trademark prosecution, enforcement, and litigation
  • Trademark portfolio counseling
  • Domain name disputes and enforcements
  • Copyright registration and enforcements

Our diversified experiences include:

  • Alternative energy technologies
  • Automobiles
  • Construction
  • Electric lighting and wiring
  • Electrical transmission and distribution
  • Engine systems
  • Fabricated metals
  • Farm and garden machinery
  • Metalworking machinery and equipment
  • Oil and drilling
  • Pumps and valves
  • Robotics
  • Search, detection, navigation, and guidance systems
  • Textiles

Representative Clients

  • A leading U.S oil and natural gas trade association
  • A leading Norwegian oil services company
  • A leading German steel producer
  • A leading U.S. manufacturer of industrial testing equipment company
  • A leading U.S. automotive and energy storage company
  • A leading Japanese multinational corporation
  • A leading Chinese security & inspection solution and service supplier
  • A leading German home appliances manufacturer