The Firm / London Office Introduction

London Office Introduction

GW & Partners Limited is a partnership between Beijing East IP (BEIP), one of the leading intellectual property law firms in China and Mark Wong & Associates (MWA), a Hong Kong based project development consultancy.

About GW & Partners Limited

GW & Partners is the UK representative office of BEIP and MWA, offering legal and business consultancy services specializing in helping corporates with intellectual property matters and project development work in China. GW & Partners also advises Chinese companies who wish to develop businesses in world markets.

The Hon. Chairman of GW & Partners is the Rt Hon. Sir Richard Needham (the Earl of Kilmorey).

For more information please contact Edwin Wong, Managing Director.

About Mark Wong & Associates

Mark Wong & Associates was founded in 1977 as a Hong Kong based consultancy.  The company has a long history in advising companies wishing to undertake major project development work in China, especially where this involves technology transfer.

In the main, MWA plays three key roles for its clients.   These are :-

  • corporate advisor on joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions;
  • project/product sales advisor; and
  • technology transfer consultant.

As corporate advisor it acts on behalf of the main Board of major corporations. In this role it will advise on the formulation of corporate strategy in respect of the PRC. In doing this it concentrates on trying to provide a focus for corporate efforts. This would include establishing and restructuring joint ventures, mergers and acquisition of facilities in the PRC.

MWA’s work in its role as corporate advisor will often lead to the pursuit of individual projects or product sales. When this occurs, MWA will often act as project advisor.

In its role as project/product sales advisor, MWA will advise on the development of a capture plan for a specific project or sales opportunity, including the formation of technical and commercial proposals in the light of its insight into the requirements of Chinese clients and on the strategy to be adopted for negotiations. When agreement has been reached, it will help to steer the transaction through the process of contract ratification by the relevant authorities. In some cases MWA will be asked to provide post-contract services to support the implementation phase.

MWA has assisted clients in major acquisition studies and the development of proposals to forge strategic alliances. MWA has also acted successfully as advisor in major technology transfer projects, notably the introduction of modern radial steel truck tyre making, power generation (both fossil fuel and nuclear), coal mining and telecommunications systems.

Apart from its long term activities on behalf of clients, MWA will sometimes be asked to undertake ad hoc assignments for clients with whom it has no long term relationship. These come in a number of forms but the most common are market research, trouble shooting, acquisitions and divestments. In addition, MWA provides advisory services to mainland Chinese clients with a view to assisting them to develop their businesses in world markets.