Practices / Copyright

Copyright registration (works, software and agreements)

Copyright management (transfer, licensing and royalty collection) 

We counsel standard-setting entities, software developers, authors, and publishers on the protection, development, management, and operation of their copyrighted works.

We register copyrights for works and software, in addition to preparing licensing agreements.

We transfer, license, and collect royalties based on the client’s copyrights.

Copyright Infringement Litigation

Administrative Proceedings

Other Enforcement 

  • Legal Opinions, Second Opinions
  • First Instance Court, Second Instance Court, Retrials
  • Demand Letters

We provide opinions on copyright enforcement, including infringement investigation, and demand letters. We also provide opinions on detailed pre-litigation analysis and requests for administrative measures.

Our attorneys at law and agents have litigated many landmark copyright cases, some of which have been listed as the “Top 10 Intellectual Property Cases” handled by local Courts. These cases involve the newly emerging infringements regarding IP rights on the internet. Such cases require the collection of complicated evidence of infringing works, and the ability to prove the ownership of these works in electronic formats.

In addition to litigation, our attorneys at law and agents assist our clients with implementing various enforcements with our local administrative authorities.