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Tianmei DENG

  • Partner
  • Trademark Department

Ms. Deng obtained her Bachelor degree from China University of Political Science and Law and joined the firm in 2013, representing clients from startups to multinational companies in traditional industry, technology, finance and pharmaceutical areas. Ms. Deng has handled hundreds of trademark prosecution matters before the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA, formerly known as the CTMO and the TRAB), dozens of trademark court appeals and infringement lawsuits before Beijing Courts and other various Courts.

Main working language: English, Chinese (native)

  • Areas of Practice

    Domain Name

  • Highlights

    "Won court appeals representing Lonely Planet before the Beijing IP Court and the Beijing High Court, obtaining favorable judgments affirming relatedness between goods in different classes, and the fame of Lonely Planet‘s trademark and trade name.

    Won a court appeal representing Prana before the China Supreme Court, obtaining favorable judgment that acknowledges the priority date of the applicant's filing and overturns the CNIPA decision. This case is listed as a typical case in the Annual Report on Intellectual Property Cases of the China Supreme Court (2017).

    Won a court appeal representing Movado before the Beijing IP Court, obtaining favorable judgment for the non-use cancellation.

    Won court appeals representing Houzz before the Beijing IP Court, removing the similar marks or pre-emptive registrations and protecting the client’s rights.

    Won various invalidations/ opposition appeals/oppositions before the CNIPA representaing Houzz.

    Successfully settled a trademark infringement lawsuit representing a global lifestyle and accessory products retailer before the Shanghai IP Court, resulting in withdrawal of lawsuit by the plaintiff.

    Won multiple domain name complaints under UDRP policy and CNDRP policy, representing the world leading companies in various industries."

  • Professional Recognition

    Beijing East IP since 2013

  • Admissions

    PRC Attorney-At-Law

  • Education

    Bachelor degree in law, China University of Political Science and Law