Practices / Domain Name

Domain Name Registration & Administration

Domain Name Assignment & Purchase

We provide counseling for domain name purchasing, maintaining, and managing, in order to help our clients build a successful domain name portfolio. We also assist our clients with their domain name registration, assignment, and transfer.

We conduct comprehensive investigations and searches to provide the best method for procuring a domain name for our clients. In the past, we have successfully purchased various domain names, while representing Fortune 500 companies and other leading multinational companies.

Domain Name Dispute Arbitration before the CIETAC and the ADNDRC

We have won dozens of complaints under UDRP policy and CNDRP policy for the .com and .cn domain name disputes, while representing the world’s leading companies, in various industries.

Legal Opinions, Second Opinions

First Instance Court, Second Instance Court, Retrials

Demand Letters

We help our clients with domain name policing, investigation, and takedown notices for social media issues, online shops, and online auction platforms.

Our attorneys at law and agents have litigated many cases involving online infringements and conflicts between domain name and trademarks. In addition to litigation, our attorneys at law and agents assist our clients with implementing various enforcements, with the necessary local administrative authorities.