Practices / Patent Analysis

Patent landscape analysis can provide support data for decision-making. With the help of patent landscape analysis, it is possible to have an overview of the crowded areas and white spaces of a certain technology industry as well as ever-changing R&D activities, to know about key players and potential entrants and/or partners, to find talented inventors, to understand competitors’ patenting and research activities, to identify potential risks for new products, etc.

Patent landscape analysis involves understanding the subject technology, retrieving relevant patents and patent applications, categorizing searching results into groups according to analysis purpose, and finally giving a visualized report for easier comprehension.

Our landscape report provides insights on patent filing trends, identifies outstanding inventors, key players, and/or shift in technologies of interest, and presents any other aspects of specific interest to clients.

Patent landscape analysis report can be delivered in Chinese, English or Japanese within 20 business days in general.

Competitive analysis can provide you with a well understanding of product innovations of a competitor, supplier, and/or customer. There are lots of indicators that can be used in competitive analysis, among which, patent is one of the systematic and advanced indicators to track where the competitors have been, where they currently are, and where they are going.

Patent competitive analysis can provide the following competitive information: a company’s filing trends, most prolific inventors, most active technical area, its preferred markets, and its cooperative partners, etc.

Patent competitive analysis report can be delivered in Chinese, English or Japanese within 20 business days in general.

Patent portfolio analysis can give an overview of a small number of patents belonging to a specific company or a specific technical area. It can include mapping the patents of one company to its own products, to help you find gaps  in your patent coverage and to strengthen your patent portfolio by filling in those blanks; mapping the patents of other companies to your products, to help you identify potential business risks or business partners; comparing one company’s patent portfolio to another company’s portfolio to understand competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Patent competitive analysis report can be delivered in Chinese, English or Japanese. Delivery date varies on a case-by-case basis according to the size and technical area of the patent portfolio to be analyzed.

Patent assets are now one of the most important intangible assets for an enterprise. More and more enterprises are interested in patent transactions which would maximize the value of their patent assets, and thus the global market of patent transactions becomes extremely active. In particular, more and more Chinese enterprises participate in the global patent transactions due to the requirements of technology upgrading and development of overseas market, and become a noticeable part of the global market of patent transactions. In view of the case, Beijing East IP would like to and has managed to provide support for technology import into China and export out of China based on the plentiful practical experiences accumulated these years, the wide relationship network of clients, and the first-class IP employees.

Beijing East IP can help in all areas of patent transactions, including information counseling, due diligence, licensing and patent portfolio management, as well as opinion works in support of transactions.

For a client who wants to sell or out-license its patent assets, we can also help to package the portfolio with insightful information to increase its value by 1) investigate using related technology, and 2) legal and commercial information to find potential buyers or licensees. We can also participate or individually negotiate with potential buyers and licensees to seek for possible opportunities. For a client who wishes to acquire patent assets, we provide similar services to look for potential sellers and provide subsequent support during the negotiation process.

Beijing East IP has carried out related work on patent transactions. In particular, we, as a broker, helped the patent holders from Japan and the USA to promote their technologies in China.