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Grant Proposal Signed by Beijing East IP and the John Marshall Law School


On March 20, 2015, Beijing East IP and the John Marshall Law School (the JMLS) advanced the already well-established partnership to a new level by signing a grant proposal. According to the proposal, Beijing East IP will donate to the Chinese Intellectual Property Resource Center of the JMSL, to promote understanding between IP communities of China and US, by jointly carrying out IP related programs, scholarship, and events.

According to the agreement, Beijing East IP and the JMLS will cooperate to 1) continue intellectual property immersion internship program at Beijing East IP for the students at the JMLS to have a better understanding of the Chinese legal and IP systems; 2) set up intellectual property educational exploration program at the JMLS for the legal professionals at Beijing East IP to study and comprehend the US legal and IP systems; 3) organise JMLS and Beijing East IP jointly supported US-China IP events, including Chinese IP mock trial to be organised in US, US and China IP Dialogue to be periodically held in either US or China, and inter nation lecture on specific IP topics to both US and China IP communities; and 4) establish scholarship for Chinese students with outstanding achievements while studying at the JMLS for law degree.

It is a firm belief of both Beijing East IP and the JMSL that, over time, this partnership will enhance bi-lateral cooperation on intellectual property issues while also providing ways to support international business and trade relations, which in turn helps create a solid foundation that benefits the economy of entire Asia-Pacific region and the world.

Dean John E. Corkery of the JMLS and Chairman Lulin Gao of Beijing East IP signed the grant proposal. Distinguished guests from the JMLS, including Mr. Leonard Amari, President of Board Trustee, Professor Dorothy Li, and Professor Arthur Yuan, Director at Chinese IP Resource Center; as well as colleagues from Beijing East IP including VP Dragon Wang and Partner Jason Wang, witnessed the signing ceremony.