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BEIJING EAST IP LTD assists Chinese company in successfully resolving complaints on Amazon in Japan


Recently, BEIJING EAST IP LTD assisted a Chinese sports equipment company to successfully solve the problem that its products sold on Amazon in Japan were complained by competitors for infringing Japanese design patent, and quickly lifted the delisting punishment.

It is reported that, the company has been working hard in the field of outdoor sports equipment for many years, and has always adhered to the R&D concept of “innovation as the core and technology as the foundation”. After years of R&D investment, it has possessed considerable intellectual property rights, and meanwhile, its products have been sold in China and Japan as well as many other countries through electronic platforms. However, at the beginning of 2023, the company’s products sold on Amazon in Japan were complained by competitors that they violated their Japanese design patent, and suffered delisting punishment.

In the face of this emergency, the company quickly sought the help of BEIJING EAST IP LTD. BEIJING EAST IP LTD has formulated a solution strategy for the company, and has cooperated with a famous Japanese law firm to issue professional legal opinions to guide the company to appeal online. After unremitting efforts, we successfully lifted the delisting punishment on Amazon in Japan.

As a professional intellectual property service organization, BEIJING EAST IP LTD has been committed to providing companies with comprehensive intellectual property protection services. This successful resolution of the company’s complaint issue on Amazon in Japan once again proves the professional strength and service level of BEIJING EAST IP LTD in the field of intellectual property.