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Ms. Hui Shi, senior associate of Beijing East IP Law Firm, was invited by our German clients to share some key issues on IP protection in China through an online lecture.

Based on years of experience in IP field, Hui introduced to clients about the basic situation of IP system of China, such as different ways to obtain IPR, the key notes worth attention in the application of IPR, and enforcement options for IPR, etc., sorted out the approaches and frameworks for dispute resolution and market clearance, and shared the recent developments in IP protection in China.

The content shared by Hui Shi was not only based on the daily client-oriented services, but also made a detailed and appropriate arrangement considering the differences of IP protection system between China and other jurisdictions. Hui’s excellent language skills and communication style were highly appreciated by the clients.

Hui Shi has worked in domestic and international well-known law firms, obtained the doctor degree of law from Miami University and was duly admitted in New Jersey, USA. Since joining BEIP, she has provided comprehensive protection strategies in the fields of trademark and copyright protection for many famous clients.

Due to the epidemic situation, the online communication has become an effective way to interact with various parties, which better meets people’s demands for communication in terms of frequency and real-time. Beijing East IP Law Firm is considering preparing more series of exchange activities. If you are interested in certain topics, please share with us the relevant proposals to, and we will consider these topics and prepare the knowledge sharing activities in future according to your feedbacks. We will persist the principle of excellence and provide high-quality legal services for clients of domestic and foreign focusing on the protection of IPR.