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Zang Baoqing Visited Beijing East IP


Zang Baoqing, deputy secretary-general of China Trademark Association, visited Beijing East IP Ltd./Beijing East IP Law Firm with her group members on October 25, 2019 for communication about practical issues of trademark authorization and confirmation.

Dr. Xiaodong LI, General Manager of Beijing East IP, our colleagues, and some clients participated in the exchanges. In order to fully reflect the two-way value of communication, Miss Zang proposed a communication method in the form of “one practical question + one specific suggestion”. During more than two-hour event, the atmosphere of communication was strong, and the spark of thought collision flashed from time to time. Miss Zang answered more than 20 legislative and practical questions, and also received sincere feedback from the colleagues of Beijing East IP Ltd./Beijing East IP Law Firm on the positive role played by the association in guiding the healthy development of the industry.

Miss Zang mainly responded to the following questions: the background and purpose of this revision to Trademark Law, i.e., based on the preservation of the original structure, further emphasizing the principle of good faith and practical purposes; retrospective effect of Article 4 of the new Trademark Law during practical use; the boundary between Article 4 and Article 44, Paragraph 1 of the new Trademark Law; the understanding about “other relationships” and “pre-use” in Article 15 of the new Trademark Law; new developments of “OEM processing”; authorization possibilities for gradient color logos; the impact of reconciliation between the two parties on the referee process and procedures; cases of examinations on trademarks containing national name; protection of trademarks and trade names, and so on.

Beijing East IP Ltd./Beijing East IP Law Firm proposed the following suggestions: regarding the unfair competition behavior of some agencies, whether the Trademark Association can provide supervision and guidance to purify the market; whether the training organized by the Trademark Association can be further optimized, and opening up the online class will help the members to participate; whether it is possible to classify trademark owners in different industries, and to summarize the trademark issues that arise in a particular industry or in a specific field, and to reflect the guidance and support of Trademark Association to industry associations.

During this activity, Miss Zang demonstrated the deep concern and strong support of the China Trademark Association to the member units, and Beijing East IP Ltd./Beijing East IP Law Firm maintained the consistent pragmatic style and put forward questions and suggestions in combination with legal service practices. Beijing East IP Ltd./Beijing East IP Law Firm expects to have more similar activities. Based on our many years of experience in intellectual property industry, Beijing East IP Ltd./Beijing East IP Law Firm will provide suggestions for the development of the industry, cooperate with the work of the China Trademark Association, continue to improve our professional service level, and create greater value for our clients.