Jason WANG

Mr. Wang obtained his Juris Master degree from Capital University of Economics and Business and Bachelor degree from Beijing International Studies University. Mr. Wang worked three years in other companies / firms before joining Beijing East IP Ltd. / Beijing East IP Law Firm in 2004. Mr. Wang co-leads the trademark team. Mr. Wang speaks Chinese (native) and English.

In the past decade, Mr. Wang has successfully obtained well-known mark recognitions before the Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO), the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB) and Chinese courts for various worldwide famous brands in the field of Internet, motorcycle, musical instrument and hotel, which is rare and difficult for foreign trademark registrants.

Mr. Wang has also won various high-profile trademark cases, copyright cases, and other IP cases, including retrial cases before China Supreme Court. Among which, Mr. Wang successfully represented the client to win both the two retrials of the Duck King case, and the second retrial case before China Supreme Court is listed as China Courts 2013 Top 10 Innovative IP Cases.

Mr. Wang also represented an international giant in the jurisdiction challenge and the trial case regarding the high-profile patent royalty dispute and the anti-trust dispute respectively, where the appellate cases thereof are listed as China Courts 2013 Top 10 IP Cases and China Courts 2013 Top 50 Typical IP Cases, Managing IP 2013 Global Top 10 Cases, as well as China Courts 2013 Top 10 Hot Issue Cases. In addition, various trademark cases represented by Mr. Wang have been listed as Shunde Court Top 10 IP Cases (2008-2012), candidate of Guangdong Courts Top 10 IP Cases 2012, and Beijing Courts 2013 Top 43 typical trademark cases of court appeals.

Mr. Wang has handled thousands of trademark prosecution matters before the CTMO and the TRAB, hundreds of trademark court appeals and infringement lawsuits before Beijing courts and other various courts, and administrative complaints before Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) for Fortune 500 companies and leading multinationals. Mr. Wang has also handled various other IP related matters such as domain name disputes before CIETAC and ADNDRC, unfair competition lawsuits and copyright infringement lawsuits before courts.