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Electronics & Semiconductors

Since the beginning of Beijing East IP, our attorneys has been assisting multinational corporations with electronics, semiconductor, and related technologies in procuring and protecting their intellectual property rights in China. Over a decade of experiences in China allowed us to provide comprehensive counseling services to our software and information technology clients on patent prosecution, patent portfolio management, validity challenges, and infringement before the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), Patent Reexamination Board (PRB), and the People’s Courts. In addition, our Patent Information Consulting team provides timely and detailed freedom-to-operate search, evidence-of-use search, patentability, due diligence, and IP monitoring reports using the best available proprietary databases from the U.S., Japan, and China.

Our attorneys have deep legal and technical understanding based on their prior experiences as SIPO examiner, engineer, or in-house attorneys. They obtained advanced degrees in electrical engineering, computer science or other science or engineering degree that is related to electrical and computer technology from top universities around the world. The combination of technical knowledge and working experiences from our attorneys enable us to provide practical solutions to our software and information technology clients by broadening the protection and preventing problems.

Beijing East IP have worked on many high level cases and wide spectrum of projects for our clients. Our services include:

  • Patent prosecution across all technical areas before the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)
  • Challenging and defending the validity of client’s patents in administrative proceedings before SIPO and the Patent Reexamination Board (PRB)
  • Asserting patent rights in litigation before the People’s Courts
  • Defending clients from infringement before the People’s Courts
  • Patent information consulting services include patentability search, patent validity search, freedom-to-operate (FTO) search, evidence-of-use search, due diligence, and identify, monitor existing and potential competitors activities
  • Trademark clearance search
  • Trademark prosecution, enforcement, and litigation
  • Trademark portfolio counseling
  • Domain name disputes and enforcements
  • Copyright registration and enforcements

Representative Clients

  • A leading American transnational computer software company
  • A leading Chinese online game developer and operator company
  • A leading American multinational corporation and e-commerce company
  • A leading American company operating a worldwide online payments system
  • A leading American multinational technology company


Telecommunication equipment companies saw China’s explosive future growth and decided to, in the early 90s, help China’s developments in the relevant technologies. We have been representing multinational telecommunication equipment companies since the beginning of Beijing East IP. Our attorneys have specialized knowledge in telecommunication industry, which enables them to acquire the insight to provide valuable strategic advices to enhance our client’s market position, even when they are facing strong competitions.

Representative Clients

  • A leading American multinational networking equipment technology company
  • A leading Chinese electronics company

Semiconductor & Integrated Circuit

Semiconductor is the heart of all modern electronics. With China’s rapid growth in electronic market, intellectual property protections become one of the most important tool for semiconductor companies to maximize their value. In order to maximize the client’s value, we recruited our attorneys from the best universities around the world with advanced science and engineering degrees. Our attorneys understand semiconductor’s sophisticated nature, and pay attention to the latest trends and developments in semiconductor industry in China, U.S., Japan, and Europe. Their experiences and knowledge enables them to provide comprehensive analysis and opinion to our multinational clients across all intellectual property spectrum. Our experiences includes: analog and digital circuit design; high speed serial bus integrated circuits; general semiconductor fabrication and process patents; baseband processors; volatile and nonvolatile memory; inverters; regulators; semiconductor structures and integration flows; complex mixed-signal integrated circuits; and probing/testing technologies.

Representative Clients

  • A leading manufacturer of automatic test equipment and measuring instruments
  • A leading American public research, development and manufacturing company
  • A British multinational semiconductor and software design company
  • A Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company
  • A leading American global semiconductor manufacturer
  • A leading Chinese manufacturer specialized in high performance analog and mixed-signal IC design, development and marketing.