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Qiang LIN

  • Patent Division Manager
  • Electrical Div.
  • Patent Attorney
  • PRC Attorney-at-Law

Mr. Lin is the Manager of the Electrical Patent Division with more than 10 years of experiences in practicing intellectual property laws in China. Mr. Lin’s primary technical specialty covers communication, computer, Internet, control, IC, and optical instrument. Mr. Lin primarily focuses his practices around software patent and business method patent in China.

  • Areas of Practice


  • Highlights

    Re-trial before Supreme Court of JinZiTianHe Patent Infringement case, (2013) Min Shen Zi No.1146, which was listed as Top 50 Typical IP Cases, 2013
    Alibaba v. Ge Gao, (2015) Gao Xing (Zhi) Zhong Zi No. 3877
    Administrative appeal of Jingyuan Chip (Wuxi) v. NXP Patent Invalidation
    Tencent v. DeLiXunDa (Beijing) Patent Invalidation
    ShengHua Technology v. ChenHon Photoelectricity Patent Invalidation
    Sony v. ChiMei Optoelectronics Patent Invalidation
    Sony v. Niexuejun Patent Invalidation

    IC layout design
    Re-trial before Supreme Court of IC layout design infringement case, which is the first IC layout design case accepted by the Supreme Court

    MTime v. Voole, (2015) Chao Min (Zhi) Chu Zi No. 28154

  • Experience

    Department Manager, Beijing East IP Ltd., December 2012-present
    Patent Attorney, Beijing East IP Ltd. since 2004
    Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Assistant, 1998-2001

  • Admissions

    Patent Attorney
    PRC Attorney-At-Law

  • Education

    M.S. in Computer Technology and Application, Institute of Software of Chinese Academy of Science
    B.S. in Optical Engineering & Photoelectric Instrument, Zhejiang University