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A Successful Opening Reception of the London office of Beijing East IP


On April 15th, 2015, a drinks reception was held in the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel in London, to mark the opening of GW & Partners (GWP). Delegates from British government, social organizations, corporations, law firms and the Embassy of P.R. China etc. attended this opening reception.

GWP is a partnership between Beijing East IP Limited and Mark Wong & Associates (MWA), a project development consultancy based in Hong Kong. GWP will act essentially as the UK representative office of Beijing East IP and MWA, looking to provide IP services in China to UK clients, and IP services in UK for Chinese clients going abroad via partners in UK. Although intellectual property legal services in China will be a specialist area of GWP, we are hoping to develop businesses in a variety of sectors and not necessarily limited to pure legal services.

This reception was moderated by Edwin Wong, the Managing Director of GWP. First of all, Sir Richard Needham, Honorary Chairman of GWP and Senior Advisor of Beijing East IP, represented a keynote speech. Sir Richard introduced development of trade cooperation between UK and China, and increasing needs of high quality legal services, especially in the intellectual property field. Sir Richard also indicated that under this circumstance, as the first IP firm setting a representative office in UK, Beijing East IP will provide IP legal services to its clients in a more professional and efficient way.

Afterwards, Dr. Lulin Gao, Chairman of Beijing East IP, and Dr. Jacques Michel, Senior Advisor of Beijing East IP, each delivered a speech. They emphasized the importance of intellectual property in trade cooperation between UK and China, and introduced fundamental progress China has made in IP protection.

Guests from different sectors had warm and productive conversions with experts and delegates of Beijing East IP and GWP. Based on the setup of GWP, Beijing East IP and MWA have faith in further increasing technology and IP communication as well as trade activities between UK and China via their expertise.

Sir Richard Needham (left), Dr. Lulin Gao (middle) and Dr. Jacques Michel (right)


Remarks by Sir Richard Needham


Remarks by Dr. Lulin Gao


Remarks by Dr. Jacques Michel