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Beijing East IP was Awarded 2015 Three-Star Patent Agency by China Intellectual Property News


Under the new trend of advocating intellectual inventions, in order to enhance the quality of intellectual property agency services, guide the patent agency industry to develop standard, healthy and organized practices. This is the fourth year that the China Intellectual Property News held the intellectual property award ceremony.



The 2015 awards were categorized into Four-Star, Three-Star, Two-Star, and One-Star patent agency and patent agent based their development perspectives. Beijing East IP was awarded as a Three-Star Patent Agency among other 8 patent agencies awarded by China Intellectual Property News. Moreover, multiple Beijing East IP attorneys were also awarded as a star patent agent.

Below are the starred patent agents of Beijing East IP:

Three-Star Patent Agent: Shanqiang Xiao.

Two-Star Patent Agents: Xiaodong Li, Jian Li, Yang Sun, Xiaobin Zong and Qiang Lin.

One-Star Patent Agents: Dragon Wang, Harlem Lu, Yongyu Zhang, Yan Zhao, Ming Sang and Jia Dong.

Links to the award news in Chinese: