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East IP is pleased to announce the expansion of its trademark and IP enforcement practices with the arrival of two new teams, including SIPS, a market-leading IP firm based in Hong Kong, founded by Joe Simone, and a team of six partners with 36 professionals led by Jimmy Huang Jingwen, from the Beijing office of a top Chinese law firm.

The SIPS team includes five partners and 90 professionals and staff based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. SIPS is known for its trademark prosecution, investigations, and enforcement work for multinational clients. Going forward, it will operate under the name East IP Limited.
The team led by Jimmy Huang, which arrives in stages from April 1, includes 36 professionals and staff. Jimmy’s team is particularly recognized for its capabilities in trademark prosecution and IP litigation.

The incoming teams include several senior professionals with extensive experience in international law firms, many of whom are qualified in the United States, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and elsewhere.