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Vice General Manager Mr. Dragon Wang Speak at the Innovation China 2015


Our vice general manager Mr. Dragon Wang was invited to speak at the Innovation China 2015 held in Shanghai on January 18th, 2015. The Innovation China Forum is a platform to bridge the innovation and investment worlds. The major emphasis is to foster a healthy and dynamic innovation ecosystem for new industries. Together with Mr. Sheng Yan, country head of Intellectual Ventures, Mr. Ben Wang, head of patents from Unilever China, and Mr. Louie Liu, former partner of Arch Venture, Mr. Dragon Wang acted as panelist on the Panel: IP Transfer and IP Commercialisation, which was moderated by Mr. Patrick Loofbourrow, partner at Cooley LLC.

As China becomes an innovation powerhouse in the world, and as more technology partnerships are formed between start-ups and MNCs, intellectual property protection becomes even more important. The above panelists shared their perspectives on commercialising and monetising IP with practitioners in the innovation and investment worlds from the east and the west.