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Warmly Welcome Mr. Anman QIU Joining Beijing East IP as a Senior Advisor


On December 22, 2014, Mr. Anman QIU, former Deputy Director General of the National Copyright Administration of China joined Beijing East IP Ltd./Beijing East IP Law Firm (Beijing East IP) as a senior advisor. As an intellectual property expert, Mr. QIU has deep knowledge and abundant of practice experiences in copyright. His joining will undoubtedly increase Beijing East IP’s copyright related services, assist us to develop copyright business, and lead Beijing East IP towards the world of copyright.

Mr. Anman QIU studied in London School of Economics – Department of Law and the Institute of European Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences with a concentration in international business administration. Mr. QIU also possesses English and Chinese literature background. Mr. QIU acted as the former Deputy Director General of the National Copyright Administration of China, WIPO senior advisor, Executive President of Zhongguancun Institute of Intellectual Property Strategy, President of Music Copyright Society of China, Vice President of Copyright Agency of China, Associate Director of Editorial Department of Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, and Legal Consultant of Acumed, LLC.

Mr. Anman QIU participated in drafting the Chinese Copyright Law, acted as a representative of China’s copyright expert to negotiate with WIPO and UNESCO before China accede to the Berne Convention and the Universal Copyright Convention, where he also negotiated about the U.S. and China intellectual property matter. Mr. QIU also worked for WIPO as a PCT examiner for more than a decade.

Mr. Anman QIU translated the Cultural Product and World Trade Organization and the Lexicography of English published by The Commercial Press, the oldest publisher of China. Mr. QIU also acted as the Chief Translator and Reviewer of Patent Law of Twelve Nations published by Tsinghua University, a translator and reviewer of the Collection of International Legal Documents of Copyright and Relevant Rights, and edited the Intellectual Property Dictionary published by China Encyclopedia Publisher.

Mr. Anman QIU published more than 20 articles, including: History of Copyright, Discussion of Copyright Ownership Determination, The Many Aspects of Copyright, Protection of Media’s Rights and Copyrights, Legal Foundation of the Collective Management of China Music Copyright and It’s Practical Outlook, Arts and Copyright Protection, Analysis ofApplicable Classes of the Berne Convention, Music Publisher and Music Copyright Protection, Unfinished Questions: Begins from The Dispute of Definition of Copyright, Copyright is Also Reader’s Right, A Look at Patent from “Copy Eye”, Information technology Development and Direction of Copyright Regulation, Overview of the Four Stage Process of Copyright Regulations, A Conversation of Copyright and Creation, Discussion of IP’s Chinese Translation, Copyright and Culture, the Answer to Right to Pursuit?, The meaning of “Work of Visual Arts” in Copyright, New Perspective to Observe, Evaluate, and Design Copyright Regulation, Use of Work of Visual Arts in Copyright, Copyright Ownership of Work of Visual Arts, The Moral Rights of Work of Art in Copyright, The Work of Visual Arts’ Author’s Right to Pursuit, The Features of Copyright Protection of Work of Visual Arts, etc.