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At the beginning of 2019, BEIJING EAST IP LTD/BEIJING EAST IP LAW FIRM received good news once again. In the activity of “Insight into Trends, Pioneer the Future—2019 China Intellectual Property Forum New Year Sharing Session and Service Industry Awards Ceremony” hosted by China Intellectual Property Forum Organizing Committee and Beijing Power-nation Intellectual Property Institute recently, ZHAO LIN from BEIJING EAST IP LTD/BEIJING EAST IP LAW FIRM won the honor of “Top Ten Internet Lawyers of the Year” by virtue of her excellent achievements.

This New Year Sharing Session and Service Industry Awards Ceremony upheld the concept of “Realizing Intellectual Property Value, Promoting Development by Innovation” and focused on hot and difficult issues in the industry with the theme of “Intellectual Property Law and Industry Practice against the Background of Deepening Reform and Opening up”. More than 400 famous experts and professionals were invited to participate in the session, and they discussed the Intellectual Property development trends and exchanged views on management innovation. The service industry awards involved 11 Intellectual Property fields, such as trademark, patent, copyright, internet, antitrust, agencies, and special services. There were about 104 units/individuals winning the honor.

During this service industry selection activity, the professional quality, efficient communication and high executive ability of ZHAO LIN in Intellectual Property related law services, especially in internet, trademark and copyright fields, impressed the experts of the jury of the organizing committee deeply. Before joining Beijing East IP (BEIP), Ms. Zhao worked in Liu, Shen & Associates as a senior attorney at law, and in Lawjay Partners (in associate with Bird & Bird LLP) as a senior attorney at law and then the Chief Representative of Shanghai Lawjay.

Ms. Zhao focuses on providing a full range of legal services related to IP for international and domestic clients, for both contentious and non-contentious matters, including registration and protection strategy, lay-out, portfolio management, license, transaction, enforcement and dispute resolution.

In past 10 years, Ms. Zhao handled a large number of trademark registration & prosecution, copyright recordal, domain name registration cases, and also hundreds of dispute cases, including C & D letter, online take down, administrative disposal, lawsuit, arbitration and settlement negotiation related to trademark infringement, copyright infringement, patent infringement, domain name dispute and unfair competition, among which the landmark cases such as, “Lecoq vs Dida Group Purchase Website and Zouxiu Website” is selected as Top 10 case by Beijing High Court and Top 50 case by China Supreme Court; “TEAMBEATLES” trademark litigation is deemed as a landmark case related to merchandised right; Khalil Fong name rights case is deemed as a typical case of publicity rights; well-known mark recognition of HUGO BOSS, Marlboro, Meitu, etc.; Time-honored brand protection case like Sanfengqiao, etc.; Italian Prosecco geographical indication recognition case; Ada MP Group vs Haerbin Mei Te patent infringement case, and the like.

Some Cases

Acts on behalf of Descente Ltd. in a trademark infringement & unfair competition against Dida Website & Zouxiu Website and win, which is deemed as the landmark case related to group purchase business, and selected as Top 10 case by Beijing High Court and Top 50 case by China Supreme Court.

Acts on behalf of Apple Inc. in a trademark case by claiming The Beatles band name right shall be protected under civil law and anti-unfair competition law, which is deemed as a landmark case of merchandised right.

Acts on behalf of Khalil Fong in a name right case and win, accordingly a chain restaurants with a free-riding bad faith changed trade name, in which case the prerequisites we proposed to protect name right of public figure is adopted by the court and have referential meaning for protection of publicity rights.

Acts on behalf of a time-honored brand named San Feng Qiao against bad faith trademark filing & use in restaurant and win, protected the legitimate right of the time-honored brand.

Ms. Zhao published a number of professional articles on Asia IP, China Trademark Magazine, Zhichanli and the like famous media in English and Chinese, and gave speeches regularly on professional seminars, such as gave a lecture of “Merchandising Agreement and Laws” on LIMA’s annual conference, moderate round table on “Parallel Import” at INTA conference, gave a lecture of “The Trend of High Claims Infringement Lawsuit”.

These achievements have proved that the concepts of “legal service, business sense, responsive, reliable” of BEIJING EAST IP LTD/BEIJING EAST IP LAW FIRM are widely accepted by the clients and markets and demonstrated the ability of BEIJING EAST IP LTD/BEIJING EAST IP LAW FIRM in providing Intellectual Property related comprehensive law services both in traditional fields and internet fields. With the supports and attentions of various circles, BEIJING EAST IP LTD/BEIJING EAST IP LAW FIRM will work harder in the future and provide high quality, efficient, comprehensive and professional one-stop law services to our clients.