Ms. SANG has joined the electrical department of Beijing East IP for more than ten years. She has extensive experiences in the patent drafting and prosecution related matters. In the past years, she has handled about 600 new applications and responded to about 1,500 office actions. Most of those new applications and office actions were entrusted by multiple famous domestic and foreign countries.

Ms. SANG is in familiarity with requirements of PCT and foreign applications and had handled a lot of applications and OA matters including, but not limited to U.S., Europe, India, Singapore, Canada, Russia, and thus has rich experiences in handling of foreign applications.

Ms. SANG graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and earned her master degree in Material Physics and Chemistry. She can handle patent application in the field of communication technology, computer science, image processing, and semiconductor industrial process, electrical and electronic circuits and so on.

Ms. SANG speaks Chinese and English.