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Beijing East IP Sponsored 2014 Intellectual Property and Capital Market Forum in Yantai City


On October 17, 2014, 2014 Intellectual Property and Capital Market Forum in Yantai City was hosted by Yantai City Intellectual Property Office and Yantai City Bar Association, sponsored by Beijing East IP Ltd. and Beijing Wei Heng Law Firm Yantai Office was successfully held in Yantai Hai Yue Tower.

This forum invited former commissioners of SIPO, Mr. Lipu TIAN, Dr. Lulin GAO. General Manager Dr. Xiaodong LI and patent attorney Yongjun LI of Beijing East IP Ltd. And many experienced legal experts from Beijing Wei Heng Law Firm to bring the latest enterprise related IP developments and research results to the enterprises in Yantai.

The Forum’s topics surrounded the actual need of enterprise operation and inventive development, and the contents of the topics covers China’s IP status quo, corporate self-inventiveness and patent strategy, corporate IP management, corporate trademark management and protection, IP services invention, corporate financing, etc.

The Forum attracted more than 300 people arranging from entrepreneurs, corporate IP legal professionals, head of corporate technologies, core development professionals, attorneys, and IP brokers.

This level of the guest speakers and the numbers of attendees of this Forum were the best and most in any IP conferences in Yantai City with the most advanced and tailored topics to corporations.

Below are some pictures from the Forum:

Forum Opening, former SIPO commissioners Mr. Lipu TIAN and Dr. Lulin GAO sitting on stage


Spectacular turnout, no empty seats were available at the Forum


Former commissioner Mr. Lipu TIAN introduced China’ IP status quo and development prospects


Chairman Dr. Lulin GAO presented how IP could raise the core competitiveness of a corporation


General Manager Dr. Xiaodong LI presented corporate self-inventiveness and IP strategies



Dr. Lulin GAO answered corporate professionals’ questions after the Forum


Pictures with guest speakers