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Experts from Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Bureau visited Beijing East IP


Zhang Wei, as Chairman of Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Bureau, visited Beijing East IP LTD (referred to as “Beijing East IP” hereinafter) together with his colleagues to conduct work exchanges.

Li Xiaodong (General Manager of Beijing East IP) and Li Yongjun (Corporate IP Management Consultant) introduced the development process of Beijing East IP, staff members, business scopes, and typical cases in patent search analysis and operational transformation. After that, relevant colleagues introduced research programme, progress, difficulties and solutions of application research and guide project of Zhongguancun Intellectual Property International Registration System.

Zhang Wei introduced Zhongguancun Intellectual Property service resources, and hoped that Beijing East IP, as a member of Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Service Industry Alliance and Zhongguancun Foreign-related Intellectual Property Service Industry Alliance, give full play to professional advantages and enhance cooperation with Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Bureau in providing services for enterprises, online courses as well as other aspects, so as to form service synergy and provide professional intellectual property services for innovative entities. Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Bureau will give full play to the advantages of intellectual property policy and resource platform in the future, do a good job in the construction of Zhongguancun Foreign-related Intellectual Property Service Industry Alliance according to needs of enterprises, effectively use the service resources, and promote innovative developments of enterprises.

Beijing East IP LTD was founded in 2002 and dedicated to providing professional intellectual property and legal services for multinational corporations and excellent clients during more than ten years. Beijing East IP is headquartered in Beijing with branches in Silicon Valley, Tokyo and London (Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Bureau).

Source: Zhongguancun Intellectual Property Bureau