Dr. Jacques Michel

Dr. Jacques Michel has served as a policy maker, politician, as well as a diplomat in his fifty years of professional career.

Dr. Jacques Michel was the former Vice President of the European Patent Office (EPO) in year 1987-2002. During his tenure in EPO, he was in charge of the Directorate General 1, implemented automation of prior art search for EPO, and built up several popular electronic tools such as EPOQUE suite of applications and Espacenet on line service.

Earlier in 1971-1987, Dr. Jacques Michel held various positions in the French Secretariat of State for Research and the Ministry of Industry, and in the Services of the Prime Minister, related to problems of scientific and technological information issues.

From 1968 to 1971, Dr. Michel was appointed Science Attaché to the French Embassy to the United States of America, and served as Assistant and then Senior Assistant at the Science Faculty of Paris-Orsay afterwards.

Dr. Michel has a doctorate in Physical Science at Paris University. He has been the Director of EUROPATIS (European Patent searching Company) since 2009.